"There has been constant communication during our last major project that allowed integration with where I saw our company heading, and the different options and suggestions Edge was able to provide.  The end result was a product I never would have imagined, that will save us over $10,000 annually and has allowed our 13 locations to remote directly back to our office with instant access to information we would have otherwise waited for a week to arrive in the mail.  Every interaction with Edge has been extremely professional, and the feedback has always been encouraging to work through every project to tweak it so it is the best fit for our needs.  In every instance of emergency, Edge has responded quickly and promptly - the best in the business.  I look forward to many years of a business partnership with a company of this caliber."

Jennifer L. Robb
DM, Administration 
Peterson Enterprises

“Very thorough and professional. Enough said. Would recommend Edge ITM for every business that needs computer IT services.” 

Matthew Koch,

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